Chemical attacks in Aleppo in Syria; 6 killed, 100 injured

Third World WarDamascus: 6 people have died and nearly 100 injured in a chemical attack carried out at Aleppo in Syria, by the rebel organisations supported by the United States and the Arab countries. A Human Rights organisation which is the pro-Assad government has made this claim. But the Syrian rebels have dismissed this allegation. At the same time, information is being revealed that no one has died in the attack and only 6 children have been seriously injured.


The Syrian government news agency and the human rights organisation announced that there was a chemical attack at Aleppo. The Syrian rebels launched two chemical rockets in the Al-Khalidiye and Al-Zara areas. The Syrian human rights organisation said that there have been 107 complaints of respiratory distress following the attacks. The Assad government has claimed that this once again proves that the rebels have an arsenal of chemical weapons.

chemical attack, aleppo, syriaThe Russian defence ministry has dispatched a special unit for the safety of its soldiers. A few days ago, Russia had predicted the possibility of a chemical attack in Syria. Russia had claimed that the United States and allies would initiate attacks on Syria blaming the Assad government of these attacks. But the rebel group has denied any connection with Saturday’s attacks in Aleppo.

Thus, it is now it being suspected that the ‘Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham’, an organisation connected to the Al Qaeda could be behind the attacks. Meanwhile, it was exposed that the Assad government was behind the previous chemical attacks in Syria. Following these chemical attacks, the United States and its allies had carried out vicious attacks on Syria. The Assad government had suffered huge losses in the attacks by the United States. Russia had denounced these attacks by the United States and had also issued a warning against it.

Given this, Russia has deployed a fleet of 20 destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea. The fleet of aircraft carriers of the US Navy is also present in the region.

There have been conflicts between the US and Russian military; claims US Special Envoy

Washington: The Russian and US military have confronted each other several times during the Syrian conflict. James Jeffery, US Special Envoy for Syria, claimed that there had been more than 12 incidences of skirmishes between the two military forces. Jeffery also warned that the US military deployment in Syria was legal and anybody who challenges the US soldiers will be replied in the same manner.


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