Russia and Iran need to be stopped in time to prevent a war in the Middle East: former Vice Chief of Staff of US Army, General Jack Keane

Washington/London: Both Russia and Iran have an extreme ambition to dominate and rule the Middle East. If these ambitions are not controlled in time it can result in a war in the Middle East claimed former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army General Jack Keane. The possibility of war has grown because of the chemical attacks carried out by the Syrian government on its own people.


russia, iran, war, US, IraqGeneral Keane, who was the advisor to former President George Bush during the Iraq war, recently visited Britain and had a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May. Thereafter, while talking to a ‘Digital Radio’ in Britain, he said that a compromise with the Assad government was not possible.

‘There is no possibility of negotiations with the Assad government to stop the attacks on its people. Because Russia and Iran have prepared the Assad government well for such negotiations’, saying this General Keane claimed that the Russian proposal for discussions with Assad government cannot be accepted. Other than this, he stressed the need for specific attacks on the Syrian airbases to bring the Syrian government to its knees.

russia, iran, war, US, IraqGeneral Keane firmly said that there will soon be a war in the Middle East, while reacting to the developments in the Gulf over the past few weeks. The General alleged that Russia and Iran would be responsible for the war in the Middle East. He claimed that the Iranian ambition to dominate the Middle East can be the reason for the war.

‘If Israel goes to war with Lebanon and Hezbollah, Iran will be an indirect participant in the war through Lebanon. Even in the past Iran had orchestrated a war through Hezbollah, keeping itself out of the picture. Therefore, Iran can start a conflict similar to Lebanon in Syria, Yemen and other countries through its supporters, claimed General Keane.

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