A decisive war with Israel is getting closer, warns Hezbollah chief Nasrallah

Third World War

Beirut: ‘The decisive war against Israel is very near’ is the message given by Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah. Israel who was dreaming about overthrowing the Assad regime in Syria, has changed its objective. Now, Israel is striving to expel Iran and Hezbollah from Syria. The Hezbollah Chief incited Israel saying that ‘we will not leave Syria, even if the whole world unites against us’.


Since the past few weeks, Israel is warning about the Iranian and Hezbollah activities in Syria. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had warned during his visit to the United Kingdom that Syria will have to face the consequences if Iran and Hezbollah did not withdraw from Syria. The Israeli Prime Minister had made an indicative statement that the Syrian regime has already got the glimpse of what Israel is capable of. It has become known that Russia and Israel have agreed on the retreat of Iran and Hezbollah from Syria. Russia has been appealing that Iran should withdraw from Syria.

Iran has expressed displeasure on the Russian request, whereas the pro-Iranian Hezbollah has ruled out the possibility of withdrawal from Syria. While delivering a message to his supporters in Lebanon, Hezbollah chief Nasrallah boasted that Israel has lost the war in Syria and should accept its defeat. Israel was hoping that the Syrian government would collapse at some point. But this hope has gone to dust. Therefore, Israel has changed its objective and is now increasing its pressure for withdrawal of Hezbollah and Iran from Syria, claimed Nasrallah.

Not just Israel, but even if the whole world exerts pressure on us for withdrawal, we will not leave Syria. We have come here in response to the request from the Syrian government. We will leave only if the Syrian government tells us to leave, said Nasrallah. At the same time, Nasrallah talked about teaching a lesson to Israel and said to his supporters that the decisive war against Israel is very close. Although Israel is claiming a right over Jerusalem, we will pray together in Jerusalem after the victory in this war, Nasrallah told his supporters.

Nasrallah expressed strong support to the Iranian nuclear program in his speech. Israel has alleged that Iran is making nuclear weapons to finish 6 million Jews. But this is false propaganda and Iran has no intention of finishing the Jews, said the Hezbollah chief. The Hezbollah chief has made such vitriolic speeches against Israel even in the past. But now Hezbollah is in power in Lebanon. This puts the Lebanese military powers in the hands of Hezbollah chief Nasrallah. With this, Nasrallah becomes more powerful than ever before and poses a major threat to Israel, claimed the Israeli leaders.

Israel had firmly warned that if Hezbollah takes any action against Israel, Lebanon will face the consequences. The Israeli Prime Minister had also recently warned that if Hezbollah, who is fighting to save the Assad regime, attacked the Golan border areas, Syria will have to pay the price for their action.

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