Pompeo criticises Biden’s ‘America is back’ foreign policy

Washington: – Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fired a round of crushing questions, ‘US President Joe Biden has announced ‘America is Back’, changing the policies of former President Trump, but does that mean the Khilafat will be back in Syria? Will China once again get an open field to conspire against the United States? Will the Iranian terrorists be encouraged to threaten the security of an ally of the United States like Israel?’  


Two days ago, US President Biden announced, ‘America is back, diplomacy is back’. At this time, Biden had indicated to reconcile with China in some issues and take a tough stand against Russia. Biden avoided the mention of Iran. During an interview, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lashed out firmly against Biden’s stand, who is changing the policies of former President Donald Trump.  

Pompeo reminded, ‘Does America is back mean that the IS Khilafat, which had acquired territory equal to the size of the United Kingdom, return to Syria? Former President Trump and his administration had dismantled the Khilafat in Syria.’ Pompeo reminded Biden of the consequences of reconciling with China saying, ‘Does America is back mean that the flood gates will be opened for China again? Does it not mean destroying hundreds of thousands of employment opportunities in the states of South Carolina and Kansas?’   

Simultaneously, Pompeo criticised the atrocities meted out to the Uyghurs by the Jinping regime in China. Trump had raised a voice regarding the atrocities against the Uyghurs and adopted a stern stand against China. Pompeo expressed hope that the international community will responsibly take a tough stand against China and even the Biden administration will take some aggressive decisions against China. The former Secretary of State also launched a scathing attack on Biden’s policies regarding Russia.   

The accusation that Russia interfered in the 2017 elections to ensure victory for Trump is laughable. Pompeo reminded that Obama was the President and Biden was the Vice-President at that time. He pointed out that it was during the tenure of Obama that Russia bit off Crimea. Pompeo also gave his frank opinion on Biden’s policies regarding Iran.   

Pompeo asserted that it was correct on the part of the United States to eliminate Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, who was planning saboteur activities against the United States. Pompeo criticised that the nuclear deal signed by Obama with Iran in 2015 was a calamity for Israel and other allies in the Gulf, the United States, and the US population.   

After asking whether ‘America is back’ mean pushing Israel and other allies away and making a friendly payment of USD 150 billion to the terrorists from Iran, Pompeo expressed confidence by saying, ‘I feel that the US population will not tolerate, once again, what transpired during the eight years of the Obama regime.’ 

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