Pakistan promoting terrorism while the world fights Corona, crushing criticism by PM Modi  

New Delhi: – Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on Pakistan saying that while the entire human race is fighting the Coronavirus menace, some people are busy spreading viruses like terrorism and fake news. Prime Minister Modi attacked the malicious Pakistani campaign, using terrorism and fake news against India, during a dialogue with the member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).  


Prime Minister Modi had a dialogue with the member countries of the NAM. During the times of the Cold War, when the countries of the world were divided into the Russian and the United States groups, India had taken the initiative to form NAM, keeping out of both the groups and promoting the non-aligned policy. NAM has 120 countries as its members. Since the last few years, India has once again started focusing on this movement and is receiving an excellent response from the member countries. On Monday, Prime Minister Modi expressed confidence that NAM can make a vital contribution to increase world unity to fight the Coronavirus crisis.   

The Indian Prime Minister appealed to the members that in the coming times, a demand should be raised with the World Health Organisation to assist in augmenting the healthcare systems in the developing and poor countries. The Prime Minister also pointed out that India has become the pharmacy for the world and is supplying medicines to the world as a whole. But the vitriolic criticism showered by Prime Minister Modi on Pakistan, without naming it, was the highlight for the Indian media. Five Indian soldiers, including a Colonel and a Major, were martyred in an encounter with terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir. Against this background, the criticism showered by Prime Minister Modi on Pakistan draws the attention of the observers worldwide.  

Prime Minister Modi castigated Pakistan saying that while the entire mankind is busy fighting the Coronavirus menace, some miscreants are busy spreading terrorism, fake news and morphed videos intending to create a divide among countries and communities. Since the last few days, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has been criticising Indian leadership and the developments in India in a very indecent language. Some of the sane Pakistani analysts have criticised the Pakistan Prime Minister’s statements.  

Imran Khan had commented that the Indian leadership decided the lockdown fearing the Coronavirus pandemic. But analysts in Pakistan have said ‘The Pakistan Prime Minister should first pay attention to the developments in Pakistan. The situation in Pakistan is alarming, and there are fears that the Coronavirus pandemic will play havoc in Pakistan shortly.’ Against this background, the Indian Prime Minister targeted Pakistan, who is making derogatory remarks against India with terrorism and using malicious campaigns.   

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