The ‘Sanjeevani’ of Indian medicines will save Brazilian lives, Brazilian President expresses gratitude

Brasilia: In Indian mythology, Hanuman saved the life of Laxman, the brother of Lord Ram, bringing the divine ‘Sanjeevani’ (a new lease of life) medication from the Himalayas. The Brazilian President thanked India, saying ‘Similarly, the lives of the Brazilian citizens will be saved by the medicines sent by India.’ The Brazilian President has shown his presence of mind, by referring to the Hanuman act of bringing Sanjeevani from the Himalayas, on Hanuman Pournima (Full moon), when the birth anniversary of Hanuman is celebrated in India. No medication has been found against the Coronavirus to date. But there have been many examples of doctors curing the Coronavirus cases with the administration of Hydroxychloroquine. Therefore, the global demand for Hydroxychloroquine is increasing and the world is looking at India, a huge manufacturer of Hydroxychloroquine, with great hope.


India supplied Hydroxychloroquine and other medicines to Brazil, along with other countries. While expressing gratitude regarding the Indian Act, the Brazilian President referred to the legend of the divine Sanjeevani medicine, in Ramayana. Reminding of the Hanuman saved the life of Laxman, bringing the Sanjeevani in time, the Brazilian President underlined the importance of the Indian medicine supplies to Brazil. Meanwhile, India has supplied nearly 10 tonnes of medicines, even to Sri Lanka. The boxes containing the medicines are marked ‘Gift from India’. It has once again been demonstrated that India is contributing to the fight against Coronavirus, in a big way. This will strengthen the Indian position on the international level.

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