DRDO develops ‘Face Shields’ for doctors and staff

New Delhi: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Wipro 3D have jointly developed a face shield for the doctors and the other medical staff that will cover the entire face. DRDO has expressed confidence that the new face shield will majorly improve the security of the doctors and medical attendants who are handling the Coronavirus cases.


The number of Coronavirus cases is increasing by the day. Therefore, a shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) has been observed. This raises a serious question over the security of the doctors and other medical attendants. There is a fear of the attendants contracting the infection while attending the patients. Against this background, DRDO and Wipro 3D have jointly developed the face shield for the protection of medical attendants. The DRDO officials informed that these face shields would soon be made available to the medical attendants around the country.

Confidence is being expressed that the new face shield will reduce the chances of the medical personnel, attending the Coronavirus patients, contracting the infection. DRDO, who has developed this face shield, has already developed sanitisers, critical care ventilators, masks and body suits.

There is going to a massive demand for the PPE, given to the rising number of Coronavirus cases. Therefore, DRDO is taking all the possible initiatives. The face shield is the result of the same initiative.

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