Pakistan military should not venture near the Line of Control, stern warning by Indian Army

Udhampur: Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh, Chief of the Northern Command of the Indian Army issued a stern warning ‘The anti-India activities of Pakistan are continuing. But the Pakistan military should take care, not to venture near the Line of Control, in Jammu-Kashmir. Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh lambasted Pakistan, saying that the Indian Army has the resolve, ability and readiness to counter any challenges posed, on the Line of Control.


pakistan, loc, indian army, ranbir singhConflicting reports are being received from Pakistan since the last few days. Pakistan had stationed its F-16 fighter jets near the Line of Control and the international border in Jammu-Kashmir, following the Balakot attack. This was claimed to be a part of the preparedness against an Indian attack. But now it has been reported that Pakistan has withdrawn its F-16s from the border and stationed them at a safe place. These Pakistani moves are to protect the F-16s, from an Indian attack.

Taking such defensive actions on one side, it has also been revealed that the Pakistan military continues to assist the terrorist organisations Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Hizbul Mujahideen. The plot by the chiefs of all these three terrorist organisations, to attack an Indian airbase, has been exposed. The plans of the Indian airbase were recovered from the terrorists killed in Jammu-Kashmir, exposing the plot.

Plotting such a big attack is not possible without the involvement of the Pakistan military or the intelligence agency ISI. Against this background, Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh Chief of the Northern Command of the Indian Army issued this stern warning to Pakistan.

Lieutenant General Singh warned the Pakistan military ‘Don’t venture near the Line of control.’ Lieutenant General Singh pointed out that the Indian Army has the resolve and ability to foil any Pakistani conspiracies and has made all the necessary preparations for this.

Lieutenant General Singh also reminded of the airstrike carried out by the Indian Airforce at Balakot, following the Pulwama terror attack. Lieutenant General Singh said that the Indian Airforce carried out this attack, invading into the Pakistan territory and the attack was hugely successful. Singh also gave a harsh reminder that the anti-India activities of Pakistan are continuing. At the same time, Lieutenant General Singh informed that no surgical strikes have been carried out, before 2016.

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