Indian army strongly retaliates against Pakistani firing

Jammu/Islamabad: The Indian army taught a lesson to Pakistan, violating the ceasefire by resorting to firing on the Jammu-Kashmir border. This has prompted Pakistan to advise caution to its soldiers and Pakistan has also increased its deployment at the border. At the same time, Pakistan Foreign Minister has complained to UN General Assembly speaker, Maria Fernanda Espinosa that India was resorting to firing on the Line of Control (LoC).


The Pakistan military incited the Indian army by firing in the Poonch Sector of the LoC. Following that, the Indian army initiated a strong retaliatory action. Five Pakistani soldiers were killed, and the Indian army even destroyed Pakistani bunkers. The Pakistani military has increased its deployment on the LoC,in the Poonch sector of Pakistan occupied Kashmir. The number of soldiers at each of the locations has been increased to 10 from the standard number of 2 to 3.

Indian army, pakistan, jammu and kashmirAt the same time, the Pakistan military has advised its soldiers to remain on the ground to avoid the Indian firing. Former army officials are saying that the strong retaliation by the Indian army has cost the violation of the ceasefire, very dearly. These officials claimed that therefore, Pakistan has asked its soldiers on the border to exhibit restraint.

Meanwhile, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, the speaker of the UN General Assembly is on her Pakistan visit. During discussions with her, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi complained that India was resorting to firing on the line of control. Foreign Minister Qureshi also made a fuss about India violating human rights in Jammu-Kashmir.

At the same time, Qureshi also appealed that the United Nations should take the initiative to resolve the Kashmir deadlock.

Even in the past, Pakistan had made vigorous attempts to raise the Kashmir issue at the international level. Pakistan military has a vicious plot behind the firing on the LoC. They want to keep the Kashmir issue simmering and want to point out to the world that a conflict between to nations armed with nuclear weapons can prove to be costly for the world. This is the reason for the repeated Pakistani requests to the world for interference to resolve the Kashmir matter.

Also, as all the major countries in the world are aware of the Pakistani activities along the LoC and the assistance given by Pakistan to terrorists, it is unlikely that any of them will respond positively to the Pakistani campaigning.

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