Conflict intensifies between Indian and Pakistani armies at LOC in Kashmir  

Srinagar: In the Pakistan military firing on the Line of Control (LOC) in the Poonch sector of Kashmir, two civilians were killed while nine were injured. The dead include one woman and a 16-year-old boy. The Indian military has retaliated fiercely against Pakistani aggression. The Indian army launched crushing attacks on the Pakistani posts at Raja Rani along the LOC and destroyed the posts. Pakistan is believed to have suffered heavy losses in the attacks.  


Line of ControlOn Tuesday at around 2.30 in the afternoon, the Pakistani military had initiated firing at Shahpur and Kirni Sector in Poonch District, in which three people were killed. The attacks also injured nine people making the situation in the area extremely sensitive. However, the Indian army is retaliating to the Pakistani activities befittingly. Even on Sunday, Pakistani military instigated the Indian army with unprovoked firing across the border in the Shahpur sector. After that, the Indian army carried out crushing attacks on the Pakistani posts with 82-mm mortars.  

Pakistani military posts were blown away in the attack, and four Pakistani military officers are said to have been seriously injured. Furthermore, the Indian army even blew away the other structures built by the Pakistani military. The strategic location of Raja Rani on the LOC was captured by India, during the 1965 war. However, later on, India showed generosity and handed it back to Pakistan. The location is used by Pakistan to launch repeated attacks on India. Nevertheless, Pakistan has received a severe blow due to the Indian military attacks on Sunday, which has blown away the posts of the Pakistani military.  

The Pakistani military attacks on Tuesday at Poonch appear to be to avenge the attack on the Raja Rani posts. The Pakistan military is likely to continue to try and avenge their losses. In the current year, Pakistan has violated the ceasefire at least 3,000 times. After scrapping of Article 370, the country violated the ceasefire 950 times on the international border (IB) and the LOC. The conflict is said to have claimed 32 lives although Pakistan has not disclosed the losses it suffered during the encounters. 

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