Indian Forces kill 138 Pakistani soldiers in retaliation to cease fire violations on LoC in 2017

New Delhi: 28 Indian soldiers were martyred in the Pakistan firing in ceasefire violation on the LOC in Jammu and Kashmir in 2017. 70 soldiers were injured in these firings. At the same time, 138 Pakistani Soldiers were killed and 155 Pakistani soldiers were injured in the Indian reply.


Indian Army, Pakistan Army, LoC, India, Pakistan,The sources in the Indian secret service have published this information. The Pakistan army was taught a good lesson by the Indian army whenever there was cross border firing, in violation of the ceasefire, in 2017. Pakistan has provoked India 860 times during the year. In response the Indian army killed 138 Pakistani soldiers. 28 Indian soldiers were martyred during this period. But Pakistan has refused to confirm the loss of 128 soldiers. It is pretending that they were all civilian casualties.

Under cover of these firings by the Pakistan army, they have tried to push their commandos as well as terrorist groups. But the Indian soldiers have gallantly thwarted their attempts. Due to this, the plans by Pakistan and ISI, of carrying out terror acts in Jammu and Kashmir have been dissipated. At the same time, it is observed that the appropriate answer given by the Indian army to the Pakistan firing is resulting in major losses for Pakistan. A few days back, two of Pakistan border posts were destroyed in the Indian army offensive and it is reported that about 10 to 12 soldiers present in these posts were killed.

Pakistan has never accepted such losses. The thought behind this is that the Pakistan army will lose its credibility in the eyes of the people of Pakistan. In the year 2017, the Indian army has replied to the Pakistan army with strong actions. However, it appears that dismissing all associated information has turned into a challenging task even for Pakistan. The analysts associated with the Pakistan army are accepting this aggressive stance by the Indian army and threatening that the situation could escalate in a full-scale war.

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