Number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan will cross 50,000

Islamabad: The health agencies in Pakistan expressed a serious concern that by the end of April, the number of cases of Coronavirus in Pakistan will cross 50,000. This agency submitted a report quoting this to the Pakistan supreme court. The Imran Khan government, who advised the Pakistani people that there was no reason to fear, has been rocked with this revelation.


Number of Coronavirus cases in Pakistan will cross 50,000Coronavirus deaths in Pakistan have reached 44. Whereas, the number of cases has reached 2,283. It has been revealed that there are 1,196 cases of Coronavirus in the Punjab province alone. A question ‘When the pandemic is playing such a havoc in the United States and European countries, how come the intensity of the pandemic is so low in Pakistan?’ is being asked. But the Pakistan health ministry has now accepted that the pandemic has spread in Pakistan.

The Pakistan health agencies have said in their report ‘The number of cases of Coronavirus will cross 50,000 by the end of April. Out of these 2,392, patients will need ICU care, whereas 7,000 patients will be critical. There will be 41,000 people with initial signs of the infection.’ Against the background of the report, the Pakistan Prime Minister expressed concern over the pandemic. Initially, Prime Minister Imran Khan had assured the citizens that there was no reason to panic, as this was an ordinary fever. But now after the increased spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, Imran Khan has cautioned the people of Pakistan. Imran Khan delivered a message to the people of Pakistan ‘Don’t be under the impression that you are safe. Look at New York, a place where the richest live. Yet, the city has not been able to escape the clasp of the pandemic.’

He added further that if the pandemic spread in Pakistan increases, it will be very difficult to control it. But he expressed confidence that it can be won over with a collective effort. There could be many coronavirus cases in Pakistan, but they are not being tested. Therefore, the number of Coronavirus cases is seen to be low in Pakistan. But the Pakistani journalists are warning that once the transmission of the virus starts, Pakistan will have to face a horrible situation. The journalists are expressing fears that if Prime Minister Imran Khan had imposed a lockdown in time, the situation could have been under control to a certain extent, but now it seems to be a bit too late.

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