Pakistan proposes talks after nuclear war threats

New Delhi/Islamabad: Indian Chief of Army Staff, General Bipin Rawat, visited Jammu-Kashmir and assessed the security situation. The Army Chief delivered a message that the military has to be prepared for any eventuality. The significance of the Army Chief’s visit to Jammu-Kashmir increases, given the threat, issued by Pakistan, to go to any level for Kashmir. Meanwhile, Pakistan, who was issuing threats of a nuclear war till a day before, has expressed willingness to hold talks with India.


Pakistan proposes talks after nuclear war threatsOn Friday, the Pakistan government attempted to show its solidarity with the people of Kashmir, by celebrating Kashmir hour. While speaking on this occasion, the Pakistani Prime Minister declared that Pakistan would go to any level for Kashmir. At the same time, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan warned that if a war is sparked between India and Pakistan, it can culminate into a nuclear war. Imran Khan had complained that the international community has ignored the Kashmir issue and warned that the world would suffer huge losses because of this war.

Despite this, the international community has chosen to ignore the irresponsible statements, made any the Pakistani Prime Minister. Moreover, responsible analysts in Pakistan have posed a question to Imran Khan, ‘What effect will be there on other countries, if Pakistan is shut down?’ The analysts advised that instead, the Pakistan government should improve its foreign policy, making necessary changes to the policy. Political opponents of Imran Khan are criticising that the Pakistan government is trying to instigate a public outrage to coverup for its political failures.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan had claimed that there was no point in holding talks with India. But the Imran Khan government expressed willingness for talks with India, picking up a thread from the statements made by the Indian foreign ministry. Indian Foreign Minister S.Jaishankar had said ‘India can hold talks with Pakistan in an atmosphere free of terrorism and fear.’ Within a few hours of this statement, Pakistan Foreign Minister indicated that Pakistan was willing to hold talks with India. But the Pakistan Foreign Minister has laid out certain conditions for this.

There is a demand for the release of the leaders, placed under house arrest in Jammu-Kashmir. But the Indian stand is very firms and clear that Kashmir is an internal matter for India and Pakistan has no right to talk about it. At the same time, Pakistan has not given up its policy to use terrorism. Therefore, there is no possibility of India holding talks with Pakistan, in the near future. Still, Pakistan is creating a façade of being prepared for talks, laying down conditions in front of India.

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