Indo-Pak political conflict intensifies as Pakistan recalls its Envoy in India over harassment allegations

New Delhi/ Islamabad : Pakistan, who alleged that its officials were harassed in India has recalled its High Commissioner. At the same time, Pakistan has issued summons to the diplomats in the Indian embassy in Islamabad. Pakistan Foreign Minister has added fuel to fire with his statement that the relations with India cannot be improved. Indian Foreign Ministry has termed the incident as routine and has said that Pakistan has called the High Commissioner only for ‘discussions’.


Indo-Pak-political-conflictThe political conflict between India and Pakistan has been simmering over the past few days and seems to have intensified on Thursday. The decision was taken to recall Sohail Mahmood, the Pakistan High Commissioner in India. Recalling of a High Commissioner from a country is a way of expressing displeasure in the diplomacy protocol. Pakistan has widened the rift between the two countries by this action. The diplomats in the Indian embassy in Islamabad were served summons on Thursday. Pakistan has complained that the Pakistani diplomats and their families are being harassed in India from the past few days.

Pakistan has alleged that the Pakistani diplomats are stalked and they are meted out insulting treatment. Pakistan has alleged that these are not one-off incidents but are a regular feature. Pakistan expressed displeasure over the use of Pakistan issue in the internal Indian politics. Pakistan Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif dismissed the possibility of any improvement in the India-Pakistan relations and referred to the conflict on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir as a proof.

There is no possibility of improvement in the India-Pakistan relations with repeated violations of ceasefire at the LoC, said Khwaja Asif. India has given a restrained reaction to the Pakistan’s fuss. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Raveesh Kumar said that the Pakistan High Commissioner has been called for discussions and not to express political displeasure. Raveesh Kumar denied the possibility of recalling the Indian High Commissioner in Pakistan. At the same time, Raveesh Kumar retorted that the Indian diplomats also faced various problems in Pakistan but India is presenting the issue to Pakistan in an appropriate way.

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