Security National Adviser of India and Pakistan meet secretly

New Delhi: There is news of the National Security Adviser of India and Pakistan to have met at Bangkok in Thailand. Newspapers of both countries have published the news in this regard. India has not yet confirmed it. But newspapers in both countries cite a Pakistani officer to state that the meeting was held in an amiable atmosphere.


Security-AdvisorsMother and wife of Kulbhushan Jadhav, who is currently in custody of Pakistan, had met him on 25th December. Following this, Ajit Doval and Nasir Khan Janjua, the National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan respectively, met at Bangkok on 26th December. It is said that the meeting lasted for about 2 hours. India took up the issue of terrorist infiltration backed by Pakistan in Jammu-Kashmir in this meet, while Pakistan protested against the firing by the Indian army at the Line Of Control (LoC).

However, both dailies claim that despite these issues the meeting was held in an amicable atmosphere. Previously, both the National Security Adviser had met secretly in December 2015. The details of this meeting held two years ago were not officially released to the media. Similarly, both countries have avoided giving any official information about this meeting.

India had taken up stringent measures against terrorism in Jammu-Kashmir and had killed more than 200 terrorists in this state in the year 2017. Hence, the Pakistan-backed terrorist organizations here are prepared to challenge India by planning severe attacks. However, experts are concerned about the dire consequences that might follow if a large scale attack on India is actually executed.

In case, there is a large scale terror attack on India, there will be mass unrest among the public and India would be under pressure to take strong measures against Pakistan. Thus, the war between India and Pakistan is just one attack away, claim American analysts. Some analysts believe that an atomic war could also erupt as a consequence. Experts therefore claim that it is vital that there is communication process between the two countries. However, India’s is firm on its stance  that until Pakistan gives up its terrorist policy no communication can materialize.

On this background, the said news clarifies that both the countries are holding talks throught this secret meeting.

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