Number of Coronavirus cases in the country cross 300

New Delhi/Mumbai: The Number of Coronavirus cases in the country has crossed 300. Of these, 64 cases are from Maharashtra, and the state health ministry has informed that there was an addition of 12 cases in one single day. Although the union and state governments are making repeated appeals to stay in the homes, the rush continues to be there at some places. It is also seen that some people are leaving their homes to travel. The state Health Minister warned, once again, that if this continues, public transport systems will have to be closed.


Number of Coronavirus cases in the country cross 300The number of cases in India increased by a significant number in one day. It has been observed from the experience of other countries that the spread of the virus is slow in the beginning, but later on, it gains a gigantic form and the number of cases increases very rapidly. Therefore, the government and the health agencies are repeatedly warning that we must learn from the experiences of these countries and act wisely. Still, there is rush seen at the railway and bus stands. The experts have warned that this carelessness will cost very dearly.

Four suspected cases were detected on 16th March, in Godaan Express, travelling from Mumbai to Jabalpur. They had been advised to isolate themselves. Dismissing the suggestion, these four people travelled. Now it is proved that these four have been infected by the Coronavirus. Whereas, eight suspected cases were found in the Kranti Express going from New Delhi to Ramagundam. All these were later confirmed of having Coronavirus infection. There have been reports that two patients travelled in the railway even in Rajasthan.

Following this, the railways have advised all the passengers to travel only if necessary. The railways have taken a decision to cancel 3,700 trains for successful implementation of the Janata Curfew to be observed on Sunday. It is said that this is the first incidence in the railway history that so many trains have been cancelled. But, seeing the rush in the railways, State Health Minister Rajesh Tope said that the railways would have to be kept closed for some time. Tope also informed that the union government was in favour of even closing the local suburban services.

It has been observed that people are not following the instructions, despite repeated appeals from the union and the state governments. Therefore, many stalwarts from various sectors and even artists and actors can be seen appealing to the people not to leave their homes. But some people are saying that the rush was less, on Saturday, as compared to the days before. Especially, the number of vehicles on the roads has gone down considerably and the shops are also being kept closed.

Meanwhile, military hospitals have been asked to be ready for any eventuality. The health department officials also informed that 111 new diagnostic labs have been activated around the country, and a large number of patients can be tested in these labs. It has been reported that 250 Indians stranded in Spain have been brought back.

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