Coronavirus cases in India exceeds 450

Mumbai: The death toll of India attributed to Coronavirus has touched 9, whereas the number of confirmed cases have exceeded 450. Though the state and the central government have appealed citizens to stay indoors and leave their homes only if absolutely necessary, citizens are seen violating the rules. Expressing his discontent Prime Minister said, “Many citizens are still not taking the lockdown seriously. I call on the state governments to ensure the laws and rules are being followed.” Against this background, Maharashtra State government had announced curfew in the state on Monday. Likewise, district borders were also closed.


Coronavirus cases in India exceeds 450To contain the inexorable spread of Coronavirus across India, the central and state government are implementing stringent measures. However, not everyone is seen adhering to ‘Social distancing’ meaning to avoid public gatherings. Even though ‘Janata Curfew’ received a good response on Sunday as citizens strictly observed the curfew, increase in vehicular movement was again seen at some places on Monday. Despite ban on public gatherings, citizens had swarmed the streets. The Prime Minister has expressed concern over it. All cities and districts in 25 Indian states reporting novel coronavirus cases have been placed under lockdown. Lockdown has been imposed in 86 districts in India, so far. However, the citizens, apparently, are not taking the lockdown seriously which is why more tough measures are being implemented. Currently, the central government has suspended all domestic flight operations. Earlier to this, railway services too were brought to a halt.

In Maharashtra, 19 new cases were detected taking the count of total cases in the state to 92. Among them, 8 had returned from abroad. The fear of community transmission of Coronavirus is likely to increase. Considering the risk, the Maharashtra government announced curfew which was imposed immediately. The government has indicated strict action against those not abiding by the lockdown. The district headquarters have been given the responsibility to ensure compliance with the lockdown. Also, the borders of all districts in the state have been shut. The government has further clarified that private vehicles too are no exception amid the lockdown. As offices and schools have been closed, the number of people travelling to villages using private vehicles as well as public transport were increased. It was against this background that the curfew has been declared, excluding essential services.

No newspaper will be published till March 25 in Mumbai. Similar measures have been taken in Pune till 31 st March.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases are on the rise in other states of the country. In Kerala, the number of infected by Coronavirus has reached 95. Also, 28 new cases were reported in one day in Kerala. Following the reports, Kerala government imposed complete lockdown across the entire state, becoming the fourth state to do so. Kerala has also shut the borders.

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