India to supply Coronavirus vaccine to nine countries

New Delhi: Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar asserted that India, which became the world’s pharmacy during the Coronavirus pandemic, will discharge its responsibility to the fullest. While fulfilling the vaccine requirement in the country, India will be exporting the vaccine to nine countries in the world. India has completed preparations to despatch the vaccines to six countries. The vaccine will be supplied to Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Nepal and Seychelles. As per the senior officials, the list will expand in the future.


India to supply Coronavirus vaccine to nine countriesTwo vaccines have been developed in India. These vaccines are reliable, and they have been recognised on the international level. These vaccines developed taking into account the Indian conditions, are proving to be more effective. At the same time, India’s biggest vaccination drive is a topic of discussion all around the world. In this condition, some of the countries have asked India to supply the vaccine to them.

Bhutan had congratulated India on the successful development of the vaccine. Reports have been received that the Indian Prime Minister held discussions with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Gotabaya Rajapaksa regarding the matter. The countries from the Indian subcontinent have demanded supply of the Indian vaccine. India, in response, will be supplying the vaccine to nine countries. Bangladesh announced on Wednesday that 2 million doses of the vaccine would be received from India. These are being sent to Bangladesh as a goodwill gesture. The information has also been revealed that Bangladesh has signed an agreement to purchase 30 million doses of the vaccine with an Indian company.

Bhutan, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal and Seychelles also will be supplied the vaccine. The officials clarified that India would be trying to deliver a maximum number of vaccine doses to all the neighbouring countries except Pakistan. Pakistan has not requested India for the supply of the vaccine. Therefore, as per officials, there is no question of thinking about this. A few days ago, the Pakistani agencies had decided to approve the Indian vaccines. Question is being raised in Pakistan, ‘Does that mean that Pakistan will be asking India to supply the vaccine?’

But no request has been received from Pakistan on the official level. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi said that India had been a trusted partner of the agencies linked to the international health system and India takes pride in this. The Prime Minister also informed that the supplies of vaccine to the other countries would start from Wednesday.

It has been reported that the Indian government has held discussions with both the companies that are manufacturing the vaccine. India will have to do the balancing act of supplying the vaccine to the other countries by ensuring that there is no shortage of the vaccine in India. Media is claiming that this will further increase the Indian influence on the international level, and India will reap significant political benefits.

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