No Change in Pakistan’s ‘Terror Policy’, despite US aid freeze: US State Department

Washington: The United States had taken the harsh decision to stop the military aid to Pakistan for avoiding to act against the terrorists. The US State Department has expressed regret that in spite of this there seem to be no decisive and consistent changes in Pakistan’s policies. Pakistan has held the United States responsible for its inclusion in the ‘Financial Action Task Force’ (FATF) watch list. Against that background, Alice Wells, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia seems to have expressed regret and has reminded Pakistan once again about the situation.


pakistan, pakistan terror policy, usTwo months ago, the United States had announced stoppage of military aid worth $2 billion to Pakistan. Pakistan is still not willing to act against terrorists. The United States alleged that the terrorist sanctuaries are still there in that country and stopped the aid. It was expected that Pakistan will amend its policies after this. But Alice Wells has claimed that Pakistan has still not made any changes, which can be called decisive and consistent, to its policies. Alice Wells clarified that the United States will continue to negotiate with Pakistan on the terrorist issue, in spite of this.

Reports say that Pakistan Foreign Secretary Tehnima Junjua will soon be in discussion with senior US officials. In view of this Alice Wells’ reaction has been published. Co-operation from Pakistan is necessary to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan. Pakistan has raised some issues in the matter. Pakistan has made some demands regarding the Afghanistan border. Wells indicated that the United States will consider the valid points raised by Pakistan as the US can understand Pakistan’s concerns. Wells has also indicated that there will be no compromise on the terrorist issue.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is criticising the United States for its inclusion in the FATF watch list. Pakistan government is blaming the United States for this. Senior political and military officers are alleging that the United States has done this only to embarrass Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistani analysts are expressing shock that China, a close ally of Pakistan, did not take Pakistan’s side in the FATF matter. Therefore, some analysts have advised that Pakistan should act against the terrorists and make efforts to get itself removed from the watch list.

Taking note of inaction by Pakistan in the matter Alice Wells has indicated to necessitate strong action against Pakistan.

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