Oli government in Nepal in trouble  

New Delhi/Kathmandu: – The pro-Chinese KP Sharma Oli government, in Nepal, is facing opposition from the ruling party itself. The demand for Prime Minister Oli’s resignation has intensified, and most members of the standing committee of the communist party of Nepal have gone against Prime Minster Oli. Prime Minister Oli had levelled accusations that India is conspiring to dislodge his government, and his opponents are holding meetings with the Indian officials. Three former prime ministers from his party had challenged his claims. They have said that they are asking for his resignation and not India. Leaders from his party have posed a challenge in front of Oli to prove the accusations of resigning. Protests have also started against the new Citizenship Law passed by the Nepal government.  

Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had dug up a border dispute with India, showing Indian territories as a part of Nepal in the new map. The Oli government took successive anti-India decisions like increased military posts along the border, proposed a ban on Hindi language, amended the citizenship law to stop the familial relationships with India. But Oli did not utter a single word regarding the territory acquired by China. Oli is being questioned after the news became public. The opposition parties also have become aggressive on this issue, and the opposition has challenged to retrieve the territory acquired by China. At the same time, there is a divide in the ruling party. The people of Nepal are not happy with the functioning of Oli and are demanding his resignation.  

Former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda has accused that the current government has failed on all counts, and Oli is playing the India card only to save his seat. Whereas, other leaders have charged that Oli is trying to divert the attention of Nepalese people from his failures. Other leaders in the standing committee castigated Oli by saying that Oli has no right to be in the Prime Minister’s seat after making irresponsible accusations like attempts to dislodge his government against an old ally like India. It is said that Oli was isolated in the meeting.  

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Prachanda accused that Oli will stoop to any level to retain power and he will use the Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangladesh model. Whereas, there are reports that Oli sent a message to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for a telephonic conversation. Before this, China had threatened India against the background of the Ladakh dispute, India will be challenged even from the Pakistan and Nepal front. The Indian analysts have always said that this Nepalese aggression is at the behest of China. 

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