India deploys Bhishma Tanks in Galwan Valley 

New Delhi: China, who is not interested in reducing the border tension with India, has raised its army deployment in the Galwan Valley. Thus, India as well as deployed the ‘T-90 Bhishma Tanks’ regiment and Anti-tank Guided Missile (ATGM) systems in Galwan Valley. Moreover, Indian airforce has initiated talks with Israel to purchase weaponry other than Spice 2000- the advanced bunker buster bomb.


Bhishma Tanks

On Tuesday, the Indian and Chinese army commanders held a prolonged discussion in Chushul to reduce the tension in Galwan Valley. This was the third session of the discussion after the grievous skirmish in the valley that happened on 15 June. But, India will not accept any Chinese claims over Galwan Valley. Moreover, while this discussion was still in progress, China, in the meanwhile, raised its army movements in four regions near the border. In the last 72 hours, against the background of increased Chinese army movements, India has increased its army and arsenal deployment.

India has thus, deployed six T-90 Bhishma tanks in Galwan Valley to retaliate against the Chinese movements on any front. Besides, the Indian army has deployed two tank regiments near the Ladakh border. At the same time, news has emerged that India has also installed ATGM systems to act against the enemy attack. Moreover, the Indian army had already deployed 155 mm Howitzer canons near the border. Apart from this, India is also planning to use Air Defence systems in the region. Plus, this deployment is significant to protect the Indian fighter jets at the Daulat Beg Oldi base.

Indian Airforce has its Sukhoi30-MKI, Mig-29, Tejas fighter jets, Apache Helicopters and Globemaster military aircraft. Moreover, this is considered to be the most significant and deadliest Indian military deployment of all times. Besides, news has surfaced that the Indian airforce has spoken with Israel to purchase Spice-2000 bombs. The Indian airforce has used these bombs during the Balakot strike, Pakistan. As the border tensions with China are on the verge of escalation, Indian purchase of these bombs draws serious attention.

Meanwhile, belittled due to this Indian deployment, the Chinese communist mouthpiece has accused India of warfare. At the same, China has ensured that the Chinese citizens will not be able to see the Indian newspapers and websites. It seems that the Chinese Communist party is after hiding the real news about Galwan Valley from its citizens.   

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