Nepal Army to run commercial enterprises

Kathmandu: There is major political turmoil in Nepal. At a time, when there is a possibility of the KP Sharma Oli government collapsing, the Chinese interference in Nepalese politics has increased. China is trying to take advantage of the distance being created between India and Nepal. One more example of the Chinese and Pakistani influence has surfaced. Nepalese military intends to start making commercial investments. Pakistan military runs various business enterprises. Nepalese newspapers reported that on the same lines, the Nepalese army would be making investments in profitable projects.


Nepal-Army There is an all-round criticism in Nepal, regarding the interest of the Nepalese military in trade and commerce. But the National Defence Force of Nepal has proposed a bill for amending the Nepal Military Act. Since the last few years, the military is pursuing this proposal without paying any heed to the criticism. But it is being claimed now that the Nepal government may approve the proposal. Currently, the Nepalese military is into businesses like water bottles and gas stations. But now the military is trying to reap more profits by investing in infrastructural facilities and big corporates.

Experts in Nepal believe that the Nepal military is showing more interest in commercial activities than defence related subjects. According to the military, it will have detrimental effects, and the military will be weakened in the future. The Pakistani army is running many commercial enterprises. Pakistan military is involved in various businesses, from insurance to banking to housing to retail. Nepal military seems to be following this example.

Meanwhile, there is a political conflict going on in Nepal. Former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda once again lashed out at Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. Prachanda said that it was the wish of the Nepalese people that the party should not break and there should be unity. But the wrong intentions and thoughts of the leaders cannot be supported under the pretext of party unity. Chances of settling the dispute between Oli and Prachanda are minuscule, and it was reported that the Prime Minister might dissolve the parliament and announce mid-term polls.

At the same time, Nepal is holding India responsible for the increasing tension between India and Nepal. Nepal made many efforts to end the dispute regarding Kalapani, Limpiyadhura and Lipulakh, but India did not respond in any way. The issue needs to be discussed on priority. Nepalese Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali said that India is holding talks with anyone and everyone in the world except Nepal. Gyawali added that the agreement for induction of Indian youth in the Nepalese military is outdated and there is a need to reassess the deal.

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