UAE rebukes Turkey, warns to quit meddling in Arab nations’ affairs

Dubai: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) rebuked Turkey by saying that relations cannot be established on the grounds of threat and invasion. Turkey must recognise this and quit meddling in the affairs of Arab nations. Moreover, a few hours before that, Turkey had threatened that it would befittingly counter the UAE on matters of Libya and Syria. This has backlashed a response from the UAE.


UAE rebukes Turkey, warns to quit meddling in Arab nations’ affairsEarlier, Turkey Defence Minister, Hulusi Akar, claimed to the press that the UAE and other Arab nations are responsible for the conflict between Libya and Syria. At the time, he accused the UAE of encouraging rebel troops and corruption in Libya and Syria. Apart from this, he also said in the interview that the UAE supports terrorist outfits that work against Turkey.

UAE rebukes Turkey, warns to quit meddling in Arab nations’ affairsAlongside UAE, the Turkey Defence Minister also held Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Russia responsible for the conflict in Libya. Furthermore, Akar warned that the situation in Libya would escalate if the UAE attempts to cause chaos against the Libyan government with the help of Saudi, Egypt, France and Russia. However, this warning by Minister Akar was countered by UAE Foreign Minister, Anwar Gargash.

Moreover, Minister Gargash criticised that the claims made by Akar signify the lowest stage of the political downslide in Turkey. He also said that nobody in the world would support Turkey for its expansionist policy. So, the UAE minister also criticised the action over Libya and Syria. He also warned that Turkey should not interfere in the affairs of Arab nations. A few days ago, Egypt also berated Turkey over the Libya issue.

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