China uses bombers in its South China Sea war exercise, warns US and Taiwan

Beijing: The Chinese Defense Department has informed about the use of advanced bombers in the war exercises being conducted in the South China Sea. This move of China draws attention against the background of increasing rounds of the US warships and defence preparedness of Taiwan. Moreover, Chinese analysts and former army officer claimed that the use of bombers in this exercise is part of the warning directed to the US as well as Taiwan. Meanwhile, news has emerged that China is rapidly developing Amphibious Assault Ship and Combat Drones.


South-China-sea-AmericaLast week, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army had initiated a Live Fire Drill in the South China Sea. As per the recent news, this drill was conducted in Guangdong Province alongside a close by maritime region by the Chinese airforce, navy and rocket forces. This is the second war exercise conducted by China in the South China Sea. A few days before this drill, the US warships and fighter jets were deployed in the South China Sea. Besides, Taiwan also showed its military preparedness by conducting a five-day-long military exercise. Thus, it is said that the drill conducted by China in response to the US and Taiwan.

Furthermore, in this drill, the Chinese H-6G and H-6J advance bombers were used during the night. Besides, the Chinese Defence Department informed that during the exercise, long-range-reds were used by the Chinese aircraft to attack its maritime target. This Chinese drill indicates that the situation in the South China Sea is escalating furthermore. Against this background, it can be noticed that China is on the verge of increasing its military strength.

China is rapidly developing the Amphibious Assault Ship. This advance warship will shelter deployments of fighter jets, helicopters, military fleet and also the combat drones. Moreover, this ship would also have an Electromagnetic Launch System for aircraft take-offs. This project has been named as Project XX-6. Furthermore, as per the information, China is looking forward to using drones alongside this new kind of warship massively. Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping, while addressing the Chinese airforce, said that drones are capable of transforming a war situation. The Chinese press has published news regarding this.

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