Russia will manoeuvre a war in the Baltic and Black Sea regions, NATO analysts claim of a secret plan by President Putin

Third World WarBrussels/Moscow: The NATO analysts warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin has drafted a secret plan to manoeuvre a limited war in the Baltic and the Black Sea regions, to establish Russian domination. A few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was officially withdrawing from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces deal. This warning by the NATO analysts becomes significant, against that background.

Baltic, black sea, putin, natoFormer German military official Heinrich Brass and senior professor from the Keele University, Joaquim Cross, warned about the secret plan of the Russian President, during an interview with a German daily. Russia plans to initiate a war by carrying out sudden attacks in Europe, while the United States and the United Kingdom are engaged with some other vital fronts. Brass and Joaquim Cross claimed that the increased deployment of missiles at the bases like Kaliningrad is for this same purpose.

The German official and the professor claimed ‘Russia will suddenly attack the Baltic or the Black Sea region. This attack will be of the ‘Limited Scale Surprise Attack’ category. The threat of use of nuclear weapons will also be given during the attack. But the war will be stopped before NATO can retaliate in a big and effective way.’ Former German official Heinrich Brass claimed that there could be attacks on two locations, simultaneously, in this war.

The Russian President is fully aware that Russia cannot win a big war against NATO. The German analysts predicted that therefore, he will attempt to increase the Russian influence in Europe, through a limited war. Only two months ago, Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Chief, had claimed that NATO has formulated a new policy to counter the Russian aggressiveness. Against this background, the claims of the limited Russian war, become significant.

Baltic, black sea, putin, natoRussia has recently withdrawn from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty. Mixed reactions were received from Europe and NATO regarding the withdrawal. Fears are being expressed in Europe that the nuclear arms race will increase, after this withdrawal. Whereas, NATO has indicated to continue dialogue with Russia over this issue. Russia, on the other hand, has adopted a very aggressive stand over the treaty and has repeatedly warned that the European countries will be the worst hit because of it.

A few months ago, Russian President, Vladimir Putin had warned that if the European countries allow US nuclear weapons to be deployed on their soil, Russia will retaliate, and that will be swift and effective.’ Whereas, the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, had warned that if the United States deployed missiles near the Russia border, Russia would deploy missiles to target entire Europe.

Last year, a leading study group in the United States had published a report warning of a war between Europe and Russia. The US study group, RAND Corporation had warned in the report that in the event of a war sparking in Europe, the NATO forces would not be able to stop the Russian onslaught and Russia will easily take over the Baltic countries.

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