Myanmar military junta killed 700 people since crackdown began against pro-democracy protests

Yangon: – More than 700 people have been killed in the actions of the Myanmar military, who took over power ousting the elected government, in the last two months. The Junta regime has not stopped only at that. A shocking revelation was made that the Myanmar military is demanding money to handover the bodies of the protestors killed during the action, last week. Meanwhile, the European Union alleged that Russia and China are creating hurdles in imposing harsh sanctions against the Junta regime in Myanmar. 

myanmar-protest-700-killedReports had been published that 82 protestors were killed in the Myanmar military action in the city of Bago, on last Friday. But as per the information given by the local organisations, fears are being expressed that the number of casualties is much higher. The Myanmar military has piled up all the bodies of the protestors in a place of worship and a school. Injured Protestors have also been dragged and locked up at these places. The military has also refused to provide medical assistance to the inured.  

Myanmar military has used assault rifles, Rifle grenades, hand grenades and even airstrikes against the protestors. Criticism is rife that the Junta regime has violated human rights during the actions against the protestors. Money is being extorted from the relatives of those killed to release the dead bodies. The students Union of Bago University accused that the Myanmar military is demanding 85 dollars for the release of a dead body.  

Demands are being made on the international level that harsh sanctions are necessary against the Junta regime, taking military actions against the protestors to crush the pro-democracy agitation, in Myanmar. The Myanmar Ambassador to the United Nations also has supported this demand. But Joseph Borell, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, accused that Russia and China are opposing sanctions against the Junta regime in Myanmar. China and Russia have extensive military cooperation with Myanmar. Borell criticized the this is the reason that these countries are opposing the sanctions.  

Meanwhile, the Myanmar military has levelled fresh charges against the democratic leader Aung San Syu Ki. At the same time, the military has refused permission to Syu Ki to meet her lawyers. The Myanmar military is making all the possible efforts to ensure that neither Syu Ki nor any other of her associates are released from prisons. 

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