US Secretary of State warns China that attack on Taiwan would be a ‘serious mistake’

Washington: – US State Secretary Antony Blinken warned that the increasing Chinese aggression against Taiwan has caused serious concern to the United States. But the United States has ensured that Tacanty to defend itself. Moreover, it is committed to the security of Taiwan. Trying to change the western pacific situation by attacking Taiwan will prove to be a grave mistake for China. Chinese warships had made the atmosphere explosive in the Gulf of Taiwan by conducting war exercises. The US Secretary of State seems to be warning China against this background.   

taiwan-attack-china-mistakeA few days ago, Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning entered the Taiwan Strait with its fleet of five destroyers. The warships carried out was exercises in the region. China also announced that it would continue to hold such exercises even in the future. Besides, that China seems to be issuing a stern warning to Taiwan through this. China is threatening that it does not recognise Taiwanese independence and will acquire Taiwan using military force. Through these exercises of the Liaoning aircraft carrier, China has delivered the message that the time has come to realise the threat. Taiwan has given a strong reaction to this.  

Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu had warned that Taiwan would fight until the very end of a Chinese attack. It is being revealed from the talks of the US officials that China is preparing to attack Taiwan. The Chinese mouthpiece had scoffed at the statement made by Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu that Taiwan will fight till the very end. The Chinese mouthpiece claimed that if China attacks Taiwan and war is sparked, Taiwan will not be able to face the onslaught of the Chinese attack.  

The United States had to take cognisance of this and the US State Secretary issued a warning to China while speaking to the media.  Blinken made a suggestive statement that Taiwan is strong enough to defend itself; he also indicated that the United States has enabled Taiwan to this level. Simultaneously, the state secretary also warned China that the United States is unified regarding Taiwanese security and there will be no compromise on this issue.   

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that although Taiwan is a much smaller country compared to China, it has the technology and military capability to face China. Taiwan is prepared as it is certain that it would have to face a Chinese attack at some point in time. Therefore, the Chinese plan to launch an attack on Taiwan and take over the country will be challenging. More importantly, the United States, committed to Taiwan’s security, will have to jump into the fray. US Secretary of State, Blinken seems to be reminding China regarding the same thing. 

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