US and Germany reprimand China, for atrocities against Uyghur Muslims

Third World WarUnited Nations: The United States and Germany reprimanded China for detaining the Uyghur Muslims from the Xinjiang province, in camps. The US and German Ambassadors attacked China, on the issue, in a closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council. Although the Chinese Ambassador, Ma Zhaoxu, replied to the objections saying that it was an internal matter of China, as per a diplomat, the United States and Germany castigated China in the meeting.


us, uyghur muslims, germanyChina has detained hundreds of thousands of Uyghur Muslims, in camps named ‘Educational Training Centre’. The Chinese defence in the matter is that this is being done to bring the Uyghur Muslims out of the extremist mindset. China has also claimed that the Uyghur Muslims are being looked after well. But the reality is entirely different, and then it has been exposed that Uyghur Muslims being oppressed in these camps. The criticism from the around the world is that China is trying to destroy the religious identity of this community.

The current US Ambassador to the United Nations, Jonathan Cohen, accused that along with the Uyghurs, other Muslims of Kazak and Kirgiz clan also are facing atrocities, at the hands of the Chinese government. Whereas, the German Ambassador strongly denounced these Chinese activities. Ma Zhaoxu, the Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, claimed that this was a matter internal to China and other countries have no right to interfere. But the US and German Ambassadors dismissed the claim.

The reports of atrocities against the Muslims in the Xinjiang province have been published, even in the past. The United States had strongly criticised these events. The international media also had highlighted these events, increasing the problems for China.

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