India willing to talk only on terrorism with Pakistan

New Delhi : India has once again given a strong and clear message to Pakistan that a dialogue is only possible on Terrorism and Pakistan occupied Kashmir. India has given a befitting reply to Pakistan who has repeatedly ignored this viewpoint of India and proposed discussion on the issue of Kashmir. At the same time India also warned Pakistan to vacate the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).


India Willing To Talk Only Terrorism with Pakistan

Pakistan is looking to take advantage of the violent protests in Kashmir to escalate the Kashmir issue on the international level. Pakistani Diplomats, Analysts and its Media have been harping about the atrocities of the Indian armed forces in Kashmir. Pakistan is trying very hard to add pressure on India, by proposing a dialogue on the issue of Kashmir. Pakistan is looking to gain sympathy at international level by portraying to initiate a dialogue, which India is refusing.

However Pakistan’s strategy has backfired due to an aggressive stance adopted by the Indian government. India has severely criticized Pakistan for being responsible for the unrest in Jammu & Kashmir. Simultaneously India has also presented the issue of Human Rights violation in PoK by stating that Pakistan has been instigating the terrorists. India has also posed questions on the atrocities done by Pakistan in Baluchistan. The consequences of this have become visible and Pakistan’s political dilemma has come to the fore.

Pakistan has blamed India for raising these issues to divert the attention from the Kashmir problem. Pakistan has continued its stubborn demand by repeatedly proposing for a dialogue on the Kashmir issue. In response, the Indian foreign secretary S. Jaishankar has once again clarified that India would discuss only Terrorism and PoK with Pakistan.

In a letter sent to Pakistan, Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar has attributed the threat to ‘regional stability’ of Kashmir to terrorism exported out of Pakistan which demands highest priority and hence justifies the demand of India for discussion on Terrorism.

The diplomacy shown by India has secluded Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir. By making terrorists like Hafiz Saeed and Sayeed Salahudeen speak on the Kashmir issue, Pakistan has invited more problems for itself. As a result some of the Pakistani analysts with international fame are claiming that the International community is favoring India’s standpoint. Analysts are drawing attention to the fact that India has diplomatically pushed Pakistan back with its stand to hold talks only on terrorism and not on the issue of Kashmir.

Pakistani analysts are drawing attention to the fact that with growing economic and political significance, India no longer feels the need to engage Pakistan in a dialogue. While India is making financial progress, Pakistan’s downfall continues. Therefore the gap between the two nations is increasing and analysts have warned the Pakistan government that if this situation prevails, in the near future India would not give as much importance to Pakistan as it gives presently to Bhutan.

India provides compensation to families of victims in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

New Delhi, Date 25 (News Agency) India has declared to offer compensations to the families of the deceased in the firing and mine blast along the border of Pakistan occupied Kashmir. India is claiming sovereign right on entire Kashmir and has been demanding Pakistani army to vacate the occupied part of Kashmir. The Indian government has shown that this demand is not merely conceptual.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently issued an order to connect with the citizens of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) to get knowledge on the situation in PoK. Few days back, the Indian government had accepted an old demand of providing compensation to the families of the deceased in the firing and mine blasts on the border. Also the Government had decided to increase the compensation amount for the victims of Terrorist and Naxalite attacks

On Wednesday, 24th August, the Union cabinet presiding under Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved this decision. As per the provision, families of the deceased would get compensation of up to Rupees five lakhs. However the central government has announced that this rule also applies to PoK. Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Jitendra Singh confirmed that the compensation for the victims of the firing on the border would also be applicable for the citizens of PoK. Jitendra Singh also said that India would provide compensation if Pakistan allows the compensation to be reached to these families of the deceased. 

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