Pakistan’s ISI responsible for attacks in Bangladesh

Dhaka, dated 3th July (Press)- Horrendous terrorist attack in Bangladesh was claimed to have been executed by IS.  As per first repots, the terrorists identified were local Bangladeshis associated with a group ‘Jamaat Mujahideen Bangladesh’ (JMB). Hossain Toufique Imam, a political advisor to Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, has blamed Pakistani ISI agency to have assisted the JMB for the attack.



Imam further stated that the terrorists were local citizens based on the assessment of the attack. The terrorists attacked a local café and held many people hostage before eventually killing them. As per findings, the association with the JMB group is getting more evident. Imam strongly expressed that Pakistani ISI provides complete support and assistance to the JMB, hence possibility of ISI being responsible for the attack cannot be ruled out. Imam also blamed ISI for their previously foiled attempts to topple the Bangladesh ruling government.

Bangladesh Home Minister, Asaduzzaman Khan, also issued a statement denouncing any role of IS in the attack and that all the terrorists having been identified as local with no linkage to IS. Khan also firmly stated that there is no existence of IS modules in Bangladesh and that Bangladesh is fully aware of the attackers and the source of assistance for the attack. Khan pointed his blame of the attack in the direction of JMB group.

In the past few months many have expressed a concern on the growing influence of IS in Bangladesh, however Bangladesh government has repeatedly denied any such existence of IS or its modules on Bangladesh soil. Prominent leaders have blamed the opposition party in Bangladesh to have colluded with local extremist groups supported by Pakistani ISI to destabilise the Sheikh Hasina Government.

In an investigation in 2015, it was found that the Pakistani High Commission in Bangladesh was in regular contact with the JMB group members and also provided financial aid. Hence the claims made by Bangladesh suspecting Pakistani ISI for the attack are further substantiated.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, ever since coming to power, has taken an anti-Pakistan stance. Prime Minister also took a daring decision to execute and hang Pakistani leaders held and found guilty in connection with the atrocities on Bangladesh during the freedom struggle of 1971. Many local extremist groups had not received this well, which created a wave of dissatisfaction. Many opposition parties had held public protest rallies against the ruling government, which was not well responded by the people at large. Thereafter, many personal attacks on liberal bloggers, journalists and minority classes have increased. Recently, a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had surfaced. India played a key role to collaborate with Bangladesh security agencies to foil the plot of assassination. These factors seem to be the key factors for recent attacks.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has strongly condemned and warned that those behind the attack and also all those who provided support for the attack would be traced and punished.

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