China expresses concern over US military withdrawal from Afghanistan

Beijing: – China is criticising that the US military withdrawal is being carried out hastily, which will have severe repercussions on the Afghan peace process and regional peace. China has also appealed that the United Nations should play an appropriate role in this matter. The Chinese Foreign Minister made these statements during his telephonic discussions with the Pakistan Foreign Minister. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also suggested that Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, with the participation of both India and Pakistan, should also pay attention to the situation in Afghanistan.   


The US military came to Afghanistan to finish Osama Bin Laden and to destroy the terrorist shelters in Afghanistan. The United States succeeded in achieving both objectives. US President Joe Biden announced last month that the time has come to recall the soldiers back home, ending the war in Afghanistan permanently. Biden had clarified that the military withdrawal would start on the 1st of May. This military withdrawal will be phased out. There will be no hurry in the process. The military withdrawal will be completed before the 11th of September. Many, including leaders from the United States, had expressed regret that Biden continued with the decision of his predecessor Donald Trump.  

It is said that the Uyghur issue in the Xinjiang province is the reason behind the Chinese criticism. The Xinjiang province in China is connected with Afghanistan. The terrorist organisation IS from Afghanistan is seen to have been active once again since the last few months. It has already been exposed that thousands of Uyghurs have joined the IS. The Chinese concern is that following the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, IS will become aggressive in Afghanistan. The Uyghurs will initiate attacks in the Xinjiang province with its help. Therefore, China is targeting the US military withdrawal.   

The interest expressed by China in Afghanistan is a significant development. It has been repeatedly exposed that China is eyeing the mineral deposits in Afghanistan. Reports are being received that China is keen on protecting its security and economic interests in Afghanistan after the US military withdrawal. Some analysts claimed that China could go to the extent of deploying military in Afghanistan for this purpose.   

Against this background, the Chinese reference to the situation in Afghanistan following the US military withdrawal indicates a thick possibility that China will realise all its plans. China can extend its influence up to the central Asian countries and Iran using Afghanistan. As per analysts, the United States will not allow China to enter Afghanistan under any circumstances. The US President has already promised while announcing the military withdrawal that the US interests in Afghanistan will be guarded despite the military withdrawal. 

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