Indications of fresh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Yerevan/Baku: – There are indications that the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which was stopped with Russian mediation, is likely to start again. An incident of the Azerbaijan military intruding into the Armenian border has been reported. Nikol Pashinyan, the Prime Minister of Armenia, warned that the tension has increased on the border. But Azerbaijan has dismissed the claims saying that the military is carrying out the process of fixing the border.   


Last year, in September, a fierce war had broken out between the central Asian countries Armenia and Azerbaijan. Turkey had jumped into the war, which was for control over the Nagorno-Karabakh region. At the same time, Russia, a traditional supporter of Armenia, backed out from assisting Armenia. Azerbaijan succeeded in defeating Armenia with Turkish support. After 44 days, Armenia was forced to give up control over a vast territory in the ceasefire reached with Russian intervention.   

After that, indications of the peace prevailing in this region being breached are being received. It has been revealed that the Azerbaijan military intruded three and a half kilometres into the Armenian territory. The Azerbaijan military attempted to take control over Sev Lake in the Syunik Province. As per sources, the Armenian army busted the moves of the Azerbaijan military with aggressive deployments.   

After this incident, Armenia called for an emergency meeting of the National Security Council and indicated increasing the military deployment. At the same time, Prime Minister Pashinyan warned that the tension is being created because of the Azerbaijan military’s intrusion and should immediately withdraw from the country. It was also informed that the Armenian Prime Minister even contacted Russian President Vladimir Putin on this issue. Azerbaijan military did not give any indications of withdrawal even after that.   

As per the information given by the Azerbaijan government, the military has taken the initiative to enter into new territories. The government clarified that these military movements are a part of the process to fix the borders with Armenia. Reactions have been received from the United States and France regarding the Azerbaijan activities. The US department of state has appealed to exhibit restraint. At the same time, France has adopted an aggressive stand warning that Azerbaijan should withdraw.   

The Russian stand in the matter is making the mystery deeper. Russia said that it is monitoring the situation and will provide all the assistance to normalise the situation. After the peace deal signed in November, Russian soldiers were deployed in the Armenia-Azerbaijan border region. Hence, the intrusion of the Azerbaijan military into the Armenian border and the Russian statement that it is monitoring the situation becomes noteworthy. 

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