Japan initiates moves to stop China in East China Sea  

Tokyo: Japan has initiated decisive steps to curtail the aggressive Chinese activities in the East China Sea, since the last few months. As part of the plan, the region in which the Senkaku Islands are located has been renamed. The decision will be implemented from the 1st of October, and Japan clarified that this change is for administrative convenience. A strong reaction has emanated from China over the Japanese decision, and the Chinese foreign ministry has warned that his change of name is a challenge to the Chinese regional sovereignty.  


The Chinese communist rulers are frantically trying to realize their expansionist ambitions against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. Military deployment in various parts is being increased for this purpose, and intrusion attempts are being made in the disputed territories. Intrusion, by the Chinese warships, fighter jets, submarines and patrol vessels, is rampant in the East China Sea near Japan. Only last week, a Chinese submarine was found to be loitering about, dangerously, near the Japanese Oshima Island.  

Over the last two months, Chinese patrol vessels and fighter jets are making consistent intrusion attempts near the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. To stop these Chinese activities, Japan has deployed its advanced helicopter carrier warship, JS Kaga, in this region. Moreover, Japan has also activated Patriot, the advanced air defence system, on its military bases. Now, Japan has announced the renaming of the region claimed by China, to tighten the grip on the disputed islands.   

The Ishigaki City Council in Japan made this announcement. The region known as ‘Tonoshiro’ will be known as ‘Tonoshiro Senkaku’. Senkaku is a Japanese name and addition of the word Senkaku is believed to have strengthened the Japanese claim on the region. An aggressive reaction has been received from China over the Japanese decision.  

The spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry retorted that the islands in the East China Sea and the surrounding area are an integral part of China. China has the authority to defend its sovereign territory. The decision to rename this region is a challenge to Chinese regional sovereignty. The decision to rename the area taken by Japan is entirely illegal. This renaming will not change the reality that the concerned islands belong to China.  

There is an age-old dispute between Japan and China over the ownership of the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. Chinese aggressive activities have not stopped even in the current times when the international community is fighting the Coronavirus menace. Japan has initiated actions on various levels to bust the Chinese plan of taking control over the region and renaming the area with islands, as a part of the same movements. 

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