Coronavirus death toll in Brazil over 50,000; 9 million cases worldwide 

Washington: The Covid death toll around the world is over 4,38,000, whereas the number of Covid patients has crossed 89,64,000. The death toll in Brazil, which ranks second after the United States in terms of Covid cases is over 50,000. Brazil has the most number of Covid deaths after the United States, and the death rate there has arisen by 5%. Besides, the number of Covid cases in Latin America and Caribbean countries has crossed 2 million.


death toll

Currently, the lockdown is undergoing a phase of relaxation around the world. However, the number of Covid patients is also rising simultaneously. The number of Covid cases in the United States is over 23,35,000, and thus, the death toll is over 1,22,000. Brazil has the most number of cases in America. The country witnessed 34,666 new cases only in a day, and 1022 patients died. Thus, the total toll in this country has reached over 49,976. Moreover, the total number of cases globally is 90,76,000.

According to ‘Worldometer’, after the United States and Brazil, Peru and Chile are undergoing the worst situation in Latin America. The number of cases in Peru is over 2,51,000, whereas Chile has 2,36,000 cases. The number of Covid cases in the United Kingdom has crossed 3,00,000, and so far, 42,500 have died. Meanwhile, two weeks ago, two new Covid patients were found in New Zealand, who declared itself free of Coronavirus. Moreover, China capital Beijing reported 22 new Covid patients.

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