Israeli fighter planes attack Hezbollah sites in Syria

Jerusalem : Israeli fighter planes carried out air strikes near Damascus, the capital city of Syria. During this attack, Israeli planes targeted the locations of the pro-Syrian government terrorist group Hezbollah. An Arabian news agency has published information about this. However, neither Israeli nor Syrian army has commented about these air strikes.


Israeli fighter planes attack Hezbollah sites in Syria

After Tuesday midnight, Israeli fighter planes launched rocket attacks on Damascus. During this raid, the Israeli fighter planes surged into the air territory of Lebanon. However it is claimed that the Israeli fighter planes launched ‘Popeye’ category missiles even without entering into the air territory of Syria. At least 4 rockets were fired on Al-Sabura city, situated to the west of Damascus. In this attack, the Israeli fighter planes targeted the locations of Hezbollah in Al-Sabura city.

However, certain Gulf Media have stated that the Israeli planes did not target the Hezbollah sites. A Lebanese news agency published that the Israeli rocket attacks were carried out on a Syrian weaponry depot. The said news report also mentioned that a few vehicles were damaged along the ‘Damascus-Beirut’ highway during this aerial attack, but there were no casualties.

Apart from this, as per the reports published by other news agencies, vehicles of Hezbollah carrying ammunition near Damascus, have been destroyed in this attack; while news posted by local news agencies on renowned Syrian social media, have criticized that the Israeli planes attacked the locations of the Syrian army. However, in these circumstances, both Israeli as well as Syrian military have refrained from providing details of this attack on official level.

Earlier also, Israeli fighter planes have carried out aerial attacks on other locations in Syria, along with the capital city of Damascus. The Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had informed in April that the Israeli fighter planes carried out attacks over the Hezbollah locations in Syria.

Israel has accused that under the cover of the strife in Syria, Hezbollah is increasing its weapon strength against Israel. Apart from this, during the discussions with the Russian President Vladimir Putin also, Netanyahu had warned that Israel would attack the vehicles of Hezbollah, which smuggle weapons from Syria.

Meanwhile, this is the second attack carried out in Syria by the Israeli fighter planes during the past four days. Israeli fighter planes had carried out strikes over ‘ISIS’ locations near the Syrian border on Sunday.

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