Israeli analysts suggest Israel to avoid falling into Iran’s trap

Jerusalem : There are major discussions, in the Gulf media, in view of the air attacks carried out by Israel in Syria, on Saturday. Syria had shot down Israel’s ‘F-16’ fighter jet used for launching attack in Syria. Even the Israeli media has started claiming that this is a major setback for Israel. At the same time, some observers have advised the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to be more cautious about Syria in the future.


iran, israel, syria, russia, drone, assad, There is civil war in Syria since the past seven years. The Syrian rebels who resorted to arms and the IS terrorists were active in Syria, to overturn the Assad regime. The Syrian army was involved in a conflict with them. When Assad started losing the foothold, the pro-Iranian Hezbollah and even the Iranian army unit entered Syria. Subsequently, even Russia entered the fray and the tide turned in Assad’s favour. The Israeli observers are drawing attention to this fact saying it be an important change in Syria.

Israel has carried out airstikes in Syria over the past few years. The Israeli jets had targeted the Hezbollah ammunition and the Iranian military locations. Syria never acted against this except registering its protests. But, the situation has changed after the tide has turned in Assad’s favour. The Syrian army has started attacking the Israeli jets carrying out the attacks over the past few days. The Israeli observers have cautioned the Netanyahu government that this is a major change as the Syrian army had never retaliated before.

Israel had shot down an Iranian drone after entering its territory. Israel had lost one F-16 during an air attack in Syria against this background. Syria has indicated that it will not tolerate the Israel attacks hence forth. Whereas, Iran is trying to show the world that they are prepared to challenge Israel, with this attack. The Arab-Gulf media have started claiming that the warning by Russia tobe cautious and not to escalate the situation in Syria, is an insult to Israel.

Considering all this background a possibility of sparking an Iran-Israel war on the Syrian soil, is being predicted. The Israeli Prime Minister had asserted that his country was prepared for this war. But, according to some observers, Iran is laying a trap to pull Israel into this war while Israel is falling into it. These analysts have also said that the Israel government should give it a more serious thought before the next action against Syria else Israel will have to face some bizarre situation.

Meanwhile, some Israeli newspapers are asking if there is a link between the Syrian attacks and the corruption charges on Benjamin Netanyahu and the enquiry thereof.

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