Israel should be cautious about its actions in Syria; Russian President Vladimir Putin

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Moscow: Although the Russian military aircraft crashed because the Syrian air defence system accidentally targeted it, Russia still holds Israel to be responsible for the incident. Russia had also warned that Israel will receive an appropriate reply. But, Russian President, Vladimir Putin has relieved the tension created in the matter to a great extent saying that it was not Israel that shot the plane down. But President Putin has also warned Israel to be careful in future to avoid recurrence of such incidents.

President-Vladimir-PutinThe Israeli F-16 fighter jets attacked the Latakia region in Syria on Monday night. The Syrian agencies used the Russian made S-200 air defence system to target the Israeli fighter jets. But the missile launched by the system, mistakenly hit the Russian IL-20 surveillance aircraft instead of the Israeli F-16 jet. Israel had claimed that the attack on the Russian surveillance aircraft was due to the irresponsible behaviour of the Syrian military.

But the Russian defence ministry and military had blamed that although the plane was shot down because of a mistake by Syria, it was Israel’s irresponsible behaviour that caused the incident. Russia also accused that Israel deliberately created a situation so that the Russian aircraft would be trapped in the line of attack. At the same time, the Russian military warned that it has reserved the right to retaliate against the Israeli action. Tension had been created in the region for a certain period of time, due to the warning by Russia.

But Russian President Putin clarified that the Russian aircraft was not shot down by Israel while talking to the press. The plane crashed because of some unfortunate sequence of events. The Russian President also criticised that the Israeli aircraft had violated the sovereignty of Syria. Israeli fighter jets entered the Syrian airspace to carry out the attacks and because of which Syria had to use their air defence system, said Putin. The Russian President warned that Israel should be cautious not to carry out such attacks in Syria and ensure that such incidents do not recur.

President Putin also declared that after due discussions with the defence ministry it has been decided that Russia will definitely retaliate against the attack on the Russian aircraft in Syria. The Russian President also made a suggestive statement saying that everyone will be able to watch the Russian reply. Putin did not clarify whether the retaliation will be against Israel. This deepens the mystery around the claim.

Meanwhile, Israel has informed that President Putin has discussed the matter of Israel’s action in Syria, as well as the attack on the Russian aircraft with Israeli Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

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