Russia and Israel agree to hold back Iran in Syria, claims Russian news agency

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Moscow: ‘We will not allow Syria to become an Iranian military base and even if Russia tries to interfere in our action, we will not hesitate to target Russia,’ warned Israel. But it seems like Israel has now succeeded in getting Russia’s concurrence on the issue of Israeli attacks on Iranian bases. Statements indicating this change have been made by Russia over the past few days. But now, the Russian news agency has claimed that Russia and Israel have agreed on this issue.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov made an important announcement regarding army deployment near the Israeli border while speaking to the press on Monday. ‘In view of the developments in Syria, only the Syrian army should be deployed near the Israeli border, all the armies other than Syria should retreat from the Israeli border, announced the Russian Foreign Minister.

At this time, Lavrov did not directly mention the Iranian and Hezbollah armies deployed in Syria. But as per the claim made by the Russian news agency, Israel and Russia have agreed on keeping the Iranian military and Hezbollah terrorists away from the Israeli border. According to the information given by the news agency, Israel and Russia have agreed on certain issues.

Israel will not object to the Syrian military deployment near the Golan border in Syria. But Israel has demanded that before Syria deploys its army, Russia should ensure that soldiers from the Iranian, Hezbollah or allied groups are not present near the Israel border, said the report of the Russian news agency.

The news agency also claimed that Russia has given consent to Israeli attacks on the Iranian military bases in Syria. The Israeli officials claim that Russia is worried that the increasing Iranian military movements in Syria will undermine the Russian influence. This is the reason behind Russia’s approval of the Israeli attacks on Iranian locations in Syria, claimed these officials while speaking to the Israeli news agency.

Claims are being made that similar to Russia, the Assad regime also has taken a stance to distance itself from Iran. Reports say that to keep Iran and Hezbollah away from the Golan border in order to avoid the danger of Israeli strikes, the Assad regime has prepared to refuse Iran to set up its military bases. Therefore, it is evident that there is opposition from Russia as well as the Syrian regime to the Iranian military deployment in Syria.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demanded complete withdrawal of Iranian military from Syria. Netanyahu has asserted once more that Iran which is responsible for the instability in Syria as well as in the Middle East region, should have no space in Syria.

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