Military Operations in Syria provided important war rehearsal: Russia President Putin

Moscow / Damascus (News Agency) – Russia has warned US of air strikes in case of any ceasefire violations by its alliance in Syria. Few days back Russian President Vladimir Putin quoted that the recent air strikes by Russia in Syria have been a good war drill as a preparation for war in future. The warnings issued by Russia to US over Syria, has caused turbulence amidst the western media. The statements issued by President Putin are depicted as Russia preparing for the Third World War as claimed by reports in section of media in western countries.


Military Operations in Syria provided an important war rehearsal claims Russia : President Vladimir PutinThe cease-fire in Syria is supposed to begin from 22nd March 2016 and every nation and group involved directly and indirectly in Syria is responsible for implementation of the cease-fire. Senior Russian Military Officer Lt General Sergei Rudskoy has expressed expectation of US to comply with the cease-fire. While accusing the US of deliberate inaction on those defying the cease fire, Russia has demanded US to take actions on those violating it. Russian military has warned to intervene and strike those violating the cease fire if US decides not to oblige to the Russian demands and decides not to act on the cease fire violators.

Last week Russian President Putin announced recalling of Russian forces from Syria. However if the cease-fire is endangered, Russian forces will return back to Syria within few hours and begin attacks, warned Russia. Putin further said that the ongoing air strikes for more than five and half months, have been a good experience for Russia. Russian military got well rehearsed for war in future, said Putin. He also commented that the Syrian strife has created Russia’s goodwill in Syria and other Gulf countries have become secure.

These statements by Putin are looked upon seriously. Russia has utilized more than 50 fighter and bomber aircrafts for the anti-terrorist operations in Syria. During this period Russian planes have carried out nearly 9,000 flights and targeted more than 400 sites.

Apart from this, Russian naval destroyers deployed in the Caspian Sea and Black Sea have carried out missile strikes thousands of kilometers away in Syria from their deployed areas. The precise attacks of the Russian naval missiles over the terrorist locations, has created furore in western countries. In addition to this Russia has deployed S-300 missile equipped destroyer ships in Mediterranean Sea and S-400 missiles at the military bases in Syria. Also Putin has ordered the ‘Ilyushin Il-80 – Doomsday Plane’ used for nuclear warfare to be kept ready.

Due to this, the announcement made by Putin stating the attacks in Syria being a practice experience for the Russian army for war in future, is proving to making western countries uneasy. Under the pretext of the struggle in Syria, Russia has prepared itself for the Third World War and is a warning to the Western countries, claims media.

Meanwhile in coming few hours, US Secretary of State John Kerry, will arrive in Russia to discuss the cease-fire in Syria.

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