China must cease its construction work in PoK; warns India

New Delhi: The construction work going on by China in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, should be stopped, warned India. This activity is a violation of its sovereignty and territorial integrity of India.  On Thursday, Minister of state in the external affairs ministry, General VK Singh had provided information about this in Rajya Sabha.


The Indian government is vigilant about this construction work going on in PoK by China. The fear and concern felt by India regarding such an issue has been discussed very frequently and openly with China, at the highest level too.

China has also been made aware that a part of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, which has been forcibly and illegally occupied by Pakistan, belongs to India, which is an important fact and should not be forgotten. 

Hence, China needs to realise that, it is the violation of India’s sovereignity and territorial integrity, which will not be tolerated . China has eventually been warned to stop the construction work, stated V K Singh. The overall conditions of the state of Jammu and Kashmir are also constantly under the observation of the Central Government.

Taking the safeguarding of national interest and security into consideration, a proper law and order is being maintained and enforced, clarified VK Singh while answering to one more query.

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