Indian Navy to urgently acquire 10 ship-based drones

New Delhi: – The Indian Navy will be purchasing 10 ultramodern drones to keep a tab on the movement of Chinese vessels in the Indian Ocean. Officials informed that the purchase of these drones would be fast-tracked and they will be deployed on the warships. Moreover, it has immediately sanctioned the purchase of ‘Shipborne Drones’. An official informed that currently, the proposal has been sent to the defence ministry. After receiving a sanction from the defence ministry, the purchase process for the drones will start.

ultramodern drones

China is making efforts to set up a naval base in the Indian Ocean. It was recently reported that a Chinese warship was deployed in the Karachi port in Pakistan, along with a Pakistani submarine. India has increased its deployment in the Indian Ocean region, following the Galwan conflict and has reined in Chinese activities. The Indian Navy decided to buy 10 drones to augment these preparations; also, to monitor Chinese activities.

Indian Navy has sent the proposal about this to the defence ministry. The government sources informed that the drones would require funds over ₹12.4 billion. Indian Navy plans to deploy these drones on big warships. With these drones, it will be easy to track the Chinese warships and keep an eye on the suspicious activities in the region.

The Indian Navy is trying to acquire the Sea Guardian Drones, from the United States. With these US drones, it will be possible to survey regions from Madagascar to Malacca. Other than this, the Indian Navy is modernising the drones in its fleet. The proposal if for purchasing 10 additional drones.

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