Indian Navy inducts ‘Sonar System’ Made in India, increases maritime surveillance capability

New Delhi : Indian agencies have gained success in  indigenously developing four ‘Sonar Systems‘ that can issue warnings of any threat in the seas. On Friday, these indigenously made in India ‘Sonar Systems’ were inducted in the Indian Naval fleet. Due to the concurrent addition of four different types of systems to the naval fleet, the underwater surveillance capability of the Navy has increased. This has strengthened the defense line for the naval submarines and warships.


Indian Navy inducts 'Sonar System' Made in India, increases maritime surveillance capability

A few years back, the responsibility of indigenously developed ‘Sonar Systems’ for the Navy was handed to the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India. DRDO’s ‘Naval Physical & Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL) in Cochin had been working on this since the past few years. The Navy was successful in developing four sonar sensors which would issue timely warnings of any underwater threat. In the last few months, related tests have also been completed. These Naval systems were handed over to the Navy on Friday by Defense Minister, Manohar Parrikar.

The four naval systems are ‘Abhay’, ‘Humsa UG’, ‘NACS‘ and ‘AIDSS’. ‘Abhay’ sonar system has been specially designed to issue warnings for any threat detected under shallow waters. ‘Abhay’ has advanced ‘Signal & Information Processing’ system integrated in it. This has increased the surveillance capabilities along the coastline. The warships of ‘Abhay’ class will have this system incorporated in them.

‘Humsa UG’ is the ultra-modern version of the existing ‘Humsa’ Sonar system of the naval fleet. This system proves to be very useful in investigating small sized threats in deep waters. This system will be installed in warships of 7 different classes of the naval fleet.

‘AIDSS’ sonar system has been specifically designed for submarines and has an ‘Emergency Sound Signaling Device’. If any missile or torpedo was released in the submarine’s direction, its information would be obtained rapidly. It has been claimed that this system would prove to be very effective during an emergency.

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