PM warns China & Pakistan from Red Fort, says whole world witnessed India’s capabilities in Ladakh

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi targeted China and Pakistan, without naming them, by saying, ‘The Indian military has aptly retaliated against those challenging the sovereignty of the country and casting a crooked eye. The entire world has witnessed what India and the brave Indian soldiers are capable of, in Ladakh.’ India is facing both the threats, of terrorism and expansionism. The Prime Minister said that India is committed to peace and friendliness but warned that it should also be remembered at the same time that it is equally prompt regarding security.


Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation from the Red Fort on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day. The Prime Minister paid homage to all the brave soldiers fighting for the country and who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Indian sovereignty is the highest priority. The Prime Minister said that the entire world witnessed in Ladakh what the Indian soldiers can do to achieve this. The Prime Minister underlined that all those who cast a crooked eye on the Indian sovereignty on the LAC, as well as LoC, have been replied by the brave Indian soldiers in the same language.

Entire world witnessed in Ladakh the consequences of casting a crooked eye on India, PM warns China and Pakistan from the Red FortThe Prime Minister delivered a clear message to China and Pakistan by mentioning LAC and LoC. As per the military analysts, there is a clear warning hidden in the message that those encroaching on Indian sovereignty will have to pay a dear price. Prime Minister Modi said that all the efforts for strengthening and readiness of the defence forces are being made. India is working towards becoming ‘Atmanirbhar’, in the defence sector, with all its capacity. The Prime Minister pointed out that the infrastructure projects being implemented in the border and coastal areas are playing a major role in the country’s security. The mountain tops in the Himalayas, the islands in the Indian Ocean and internet connectivity are all being developed at an unprecedentedly rapid pace.

At this time, the Prime Minister announced the expansion of the National Cadet Corps to 173 districts near the border and coast. In the next few days, the Army, Navy and Airforce will train 100,000 NCC cadets. The cadets in the border areas will be trained by the Army, and the cadets in the coastal areas will be trained by the Navy and the Airforce. The Prime Minister said that this would create an additional army of trained cadets to face any emergency situation in the border and coastal areas.

The Prime Minister saluted everyone involved in the fight of the country against Coronavirus. Three vaccines have been developed in the country and are at different stages of trials. The production of the vaccines will be started once the researchers give a green signal. He announced that the plan for production and distribution of the vaccine is already in place. The Prime Minister also announced that each and every village in the country would be connected with optical fibre in the next 1,000 days.

Meanwhile, wishes have been received from around the world on the occasion of the 74th Independence Day. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, ‘India and the United States are great diverse communities, democracies, world powers and good friends. India and the United States have shared close relations since the time India became independent.’ Israeli Prime Minister said that India has a lot to be proud of. Whereas, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in his wishes for the Indian Independence Day, said that the bilateral relations are based on shared values and trust. The neighbouring countries Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka have also sent their good wishes on occasion.

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