Commissioning of INS Khanderi boosts Indian Navy’s incisive striking capability against Pakistan, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Mumbai: INS Khanderi, the second stealth submarine from the Scorpene class was commissioned in the Indian Navy. While speaking on this occasion, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh issued yet another warning to Pakistan. Defence Minister Singh said, “Pakistan should note that India has acquired the capability to strike with “greater force if needed.” At the same time, the Defence Minister retorted that the Pakistan Prime Minister, spewing venom against India, in the UN general assembly had provided enough content for cartoonists.


INS Khanderi is the second Scorpene class submarine, out of the six, being built with French collaboration. INS Kalvari, from the same class, is already commissioned in the Indian Navy. INS Khanduri capable of dodging an advanced radar system can stealthily travel up to 12,000 kilometres. This submarine is capable of diving up to 350 metres. This submarine can stay underwater for nearly 40 to 45 days, making it a lethal threat for the enemy. INS Khanderi is referred to as a silent killer because of these features.

Commissioning of INS Khanderi boosts Indian Navy's incisive striking capability against Pakistan, Defence Minister Raj Nath SinghThe commissioning of this submarine has tremendously increased the striking power of the Indian Navy. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh reminded Pakistan of the Indian strength in straight words that Pakistan should take note that the Indian incisive strike power has tremendously been boosted with INS Khanderi.

Currently, the Pakistan navy is conducting a war exercise in the Arabian Sea. Pakistan is trying to show its strength through the exercise and has tested a missile during the exercise.

India is keeping a close watch on the Pakistani exercise and has deployed a destroyer and a submarine near the exercise site. Amid reports of this war exercise, news of Pakistan preparing to perpetrate a terrorist attack in India through the marine route also are doing rounds. Against this background, the Defence Minister seems to have pointed out the Indian strength with a direct mention of Pakistan. Meanwhile, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also launched the destroyer INS Nilgiri. INS Nilgiri becomes the first destroyer to be launched under the ‘P 17 A’ project. At this time, the Defence Minister said that the Indian Navy is making rapid progress in foiling the crooked plans of the neighbours, securing the Indian freight movement.

Defence Minister reiterated that India would not hesitate in launching a brutal attack on the enemy if need be. Meanwhile, the Defence Minister retorted that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is knocking the door of every country over the Kashmir issue provides a lot of content for cartoonists.

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