In constant touch with Indians stranded on the cruise in Japan, Informs Indian Embassy

New Delhi: The Indian embassy in Tokyo has clarified that it is in constant touch with the Indian citizens stranded on board a cruise ship at the Japanese port. The Indians infected with Wuhan Coronavirus stranded on the cruise had recently uploaded a video on the internet, appealing to the Indian Prime Minister to rescue them from the ship. Hence, the above statement is the response from the Indian embassy in Tokyo.


Reportedly, 160 Indians, including 132 crew members, are stuck on the cruise liner. But the embassy clarified that there are 138 Indians on the ship including crew.

160 Indians stranded on a cruise liner in Japan appeal to the Indian government for reliefAs per reports received four days ago, out of the 3,711 passengers and crew present on the ship, 64 people are said to have infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus, whereas, 60 people tested positive for the virus on Monday, taking the tally of a number of cases to 130. creating a sensation.

On Monday, the Indians stranded on the ship posted an exclusive video requesting the Indian Prime Minister to help. The media questioned the embassy whether any plan had been devised to extract these people from the ship. But without commenting on the plan, the embassy said that it was in constant contact with the Indian passengers and the virus has still infected no Indian. The embassy said that the Indians on the ship had been issued some special instructions.

A maximum number of patients of the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic have been found on the Diamond Princess cruise ship outside China. The ship has been docked isolated in the Japanese port since 4th February.

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