28 people infected with Coronavirus in India

New Delhi: The Number of Coronavirus patients in India has gone to 28. These include 16 Italian tourists. All the patients have been kept in isolation and everyone who came in contact with these patients, are being examined. The medical examination which was mandatory for people coming from 12 countries, till now, has been applied across the board.

28 people infected with Coronavirus in India16 tourists who came to Rajasthan from Italy, were found to be infected with Coronavirus. It was revealed that the driver of the bus, these tourists were travelling in, was also infected with the virus. 215 people came in contact with these tourists. All these people are being checked and care is being taken that they do not come in contact with anyone, till the diagnosis is made. Some of the Coronavirus patients are taking treatment at a hospital in Jaipur.

Union health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan revealed this information and assured that there is no need for the countrymen to panic. There is no reason to worry as the epidemic has not spread in the country. Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that as a precautionary measure, all should follow some fundamental rules of hygiene and cleanliness. The Health Minister advised that although, there no cause to worry its is better to avoid rallies and crowded places.

66 people had come in contact with the patient detected in New Delhi. Whereas, the Telangana patient had come in contact with 88 people. The Union Health Ministry informed that all these people have been kept under observation. 19 more laboratories have been created in the country, that are able to diagnose Coronavirus. Before this, there were 15 labs. India has proposed to start a similar laboratory in Iran, where the epidemic is on a rampage.

There are nearly 1,200 Indians in Iran, which include students and Indian citizens on a pilgrimage to the holy places in Iran. This facility can prove to be useful for these Indians. Meanwhile, preparations are already underway to bring the Indian citizens back. The Foreign Ministry informed the parliament that 17 Indians residing abroad have been infected with the Coronavirus. Till now, people returning from 12 countries were subjected to medical examination at the airports. But now onwards, every returning passenger will have to pass medical examination. It is said that this decision was taken as the spread of the virus is observed to have increased.

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