Six more Coronavirus patients found

New Delhi: One patient each, affected with the Coronavirus, was found in New Delhi and Telangana, which caused quite a stir in the country. Within 24 hours of this report, one case was reported from Jaipur, while 6 cases were reported from Agra. Following this, the Union government announced an entry ban on the people coming from Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan. The Delhi government has decided to close two schools in Noida because of the Coronavirus threat.

Six more Coronavirus patients foundIt was detected on Monday that two people, one returning from Italy and one from Dubai, had been infected with Coronavirus. The person returning from Italy has come in contact with many people. He had visited his relatives in Agra. Therefore, six more patients have been found in Agra. The Union health ministry has revealed this information. Emergency measures have been initiated after detecting this and the patients have been isolated. All these patients have been admitted to the Safdarjung Hospital in New Delhi and the health ministry has informed that they are not allowed to contact anyone.

Relatives of the patient who returned from Italy have been cautioned and the health ministry said that they were instructed to take proper precautions. The people who came in contact with the family also have been placed under medical observation. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan informed that all the necessary measures are being taken to ensure that the epidemic does not spread. Whereas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a message that there is no need to panic.

Meanwhile, entry has been banned for people coming from the worst affected countries like South Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan. Japanese and South Korean citizens have a facility of Visa on Arrival. But in the current scenario, all the visas issued to the citizens from these countries have been declared to be invalid. These people have been advised to reapply for the Indian visa, only in case of an emergency.

Export of a few medicines and other constituents of medicines are banned since they could be needed to counter the possible Coronavirus epidemic in the country. This decision has been taken because of the possibility that the spread of the Coronavirus may increase in the country soon.

Concerns were expressed that the Coronavirus epidemic can spread very rapidly in a country with a massive population like India. But it was possible to contain the spread of the outbreak because of the alertness shown by the health agencies. Extensive efforts are being made to ensure that the epidemic should not spread in the future. Especially, people arriving at the airports from foreign countries are being subjected to special examination, and the hotels having foreigner guests have been instructed to take special precautions.

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