India welcomes Taliban ceasefire

New Delhi: Taliban has announced a ceasefire with the Afghan government, for three days, in view of the Eid Celebrations in Afghanistan. The Afghan government also has accepted the proposal and has ordered the soldiers not to attack the Taliban. India has welcomed the ceasefire initiative taken by Taliban and has appealed that the period of the ceasefire should be extended.


Taliban announced that it will not attack Afghanistan for three days, but it will retaliate against any attacks against it. Against this background, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani government ordered its soldiers to stop all the attacks on Taliban. Therefore, it is expected that this ceasefire between the government and Taliban will be successful. Efforts to work out a ceasefire during the holy month of Ramzan had failed. Therefore, indications are that this three-day ceasefire will provide an impetus to the government-Taliban talks.

India too, has welcomed the ceasefire decision taken by Taliban. India also expressed hope that the period of this ceasefire will be extended. Only a few days ago, the Pakistan media had highlighted the threats issued by a Taliban leader to India, over Kashmir. But after that, the Taliban declared that Kashmir was an internal Indian issue. Following this, Taliban took a stand, pleasing India, that it will not interfere in the domestic matters of India.

But the Indian strategic analysts claimed that the threat and the following clarification is a part of a Taliban plan. India has repeatedly asserted that it supports the elected government of Ashraf Ghani. India also assured that this there will be no change in this stand, even after the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Taliban is making efforts to change this Indian stand and get support from India. Therefore, Taliban is giving indications that it is keen on talking to India.

India has not taken a clear stand regarding talks with Taliban. Taliban is still under Pakistani influence. Therefore, the Indian stand is that Taliban is a threat to the peace and stability in Afghanistan. Indian statesmen are firm that talks with Taliban are possible only if it comes out of the Pakistani influence. Although, Taliban has not responded openly, by adopting a neutral stand on Kashmir, Taliban seems to be attempting to win India’s confidence. India too has delivered a message that all the constructive initiatives taken by Taliban will be supported, by welcoming the decision to impose a ceasefire.

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