Will not allow using Afghan land against India, Taliban spokesman assures

New Delhi: Taliban spokesman assured that if Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, it would not allow using Afghan land against India. The spokesman said that the Taliban would welcome the Indian cooperation. After the US military withdrawal, what will happen in Afghanistan is the hot topic of discussions all over. The US President has announced that the US military will stay in Afghanistan even after the deadline issued by the Taliban. While it is being predicted that a fierce conflict will break out in Afghanistan, the Taliban seems to be reassuring India.

Will not allow using Afghan land against India, Taliban spokesman assuresThe US National Intelligence Council had warned that a conflict would be sparked in Afghanistan after the US military withdrawal. Taking advantage of the instability, terrorist organisations will flourish and launch major terror strikes in India. The US National Intelligence Council report says that India will attack Pakistan and a long-drawn war, unexpected for both countries, will break out. Within only a few hours of the report, the Taliban spokesman has tried to reassure India.

Taliban spokesman, Dr Muhammad Naeem Wardak, assured that the use of Afghan land against India would not be allowed during an interview with a western newspaper. Wardak also clarified that Taliban would welcome the cooperation extended by India to Afghanistan and Taliban wants cooperation with all its neighbouring countries. At the same time, Wardak made an important claim that the Taliban does not work under instructions from the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and Pakistan military.

Pakistani ISI is using the group Haqqani network, which is a part of Taliban against India. But Wardak said that such a group was not operational in Taliban. Even in the past, Taliban had claimed that it expected to cooperate with India. Besides, a few analysts from the hate India brigade in Pakistan had severely criticised saying that the Taliban is taking a sympathetic stand regarding India and the Taliban is betraying Pakistan.

Meanwhile, India is still watching Taliban with suspicion and the Indian stand is that the United States should not withdraw its military from Afghanistan anytime soon. Certain analysts pointed out that Taliban has now realised that even if it gains control over Afghanistan in the future, it will not be able to adopt the extreme stand as in the 90s; the aspirations of the Afghan people have changed. Therefore, these analysts advise India to consider opening a dialogue with Taliban, as it will need Indian help in rebuilding Afghanistan.

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