Afghanistan to extradite Pakistani terrorists to India

New Delhi/Kabul: The extradition treaty will be activated between India and Afghanistan shortly. This will facilitate the extradition of Pakistani terrorists, captured in Afghanistan, to India. This becomes a major success for the Indian political crusade against terrorism. This will deliver a major blow to Pakistan.  


india-afghanistan-agreeIndian Ambassador to Afghanistan, Vinay Kumar, and interim Foreign Minister of Afghanistan, Idris Zaman, signed the extradition treaty. With this, Afghanistan will be able to handover the Pakistani terrorists captured in Afghanistan to Indian agencies. These may include terrorists from organisations like Lashkar-E-Taiba and Jaish-E-Mohammed, based near the Afghan border and carrying out attacks in India and Afghanistan.  

In 2016, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani had visited India. During this visit, he had signed many important defence agreements with India. Under this agreement, India had supplied helicopters to Afghanistan. As the next stage of this agreement, the process of terrorist extradition had been taken forward in the month of September. The Afghan government has welcomed this agreement with India. The Afghan government said that this further strengthens the cooperation between the two countries.  

Pakistan perceives the increasing Indian influence in Afghanistan as a challenge and was conspiring to use terrorists to counter this influence. It was exposed that the terror attack on the Indian embassy in Afghanistan also was a part of this conspiracy. The Indian diplomats at the embassy and the Indian workers at the development projects in Afghanistan were on target for the terrorists.  

Against this background, the importance of the terrorist extradition treaty, signed between India and Afghanistan, increases further. 

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